In 1999 I purchased four acres of land at the front of the Woodlands and built a 3D animation studio. Over the years our business grew and more of our clients were asking for video production services. My vision was for a place where creatives could come together and help one another. The concept for the “epic Creative Co-Op” was born, and in 2012 we broke ground on what would become the largest video production studio in the area.

Our original tenants – Silver Rock Productions (video and film production), and Inspectioneering (technical media communications) occupy that space which is in a very unique building made from recycled cargo containers.

In 2014 we added additional office space in our animation studio, and also began leasing out our property for outdoor photo shoots and film productions. In 2018, we added a large photography studio to the mix, which is occupied by Ruddock Visuals (a sports and active life photographer).

Office Space Currently Available:

We have additional office space in the epic Creative Co-Op, and are always on the lookout for creatives looking for a very special place to work. Here are two spaces currently available:

Studio Loft – 2nd Floor Office, 1100 square feet (Animation Building)
Studio – Ground Floor, 600 square feet (Video Production Building)

Studio and Property Rentals:

If you are interested in renting the Video Production or Photo Studio, Contact Mike Huffine at SilverRock Productions 281-362-1565 or [email protected]

For leasing information on our outdoor shooting venues, or our office space, please call Vic Cherubini at 281-363-3742 or [email protected]

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