3D/Pano Photography


At epic we provide a very special kind of photography called Photogrammetry – which we call 3D Photography. We take over 100 photographs of a subject, from all angles, then used some highly specialized software to stitch the photos together. The result is a 3D version of the object that you can rotate around (or even move inside of!). Below are several examples of our work.

360 Rotation Product Photography

A photographic technique by which a series of individual photos are taken of an object as it rotates one full revolution – this can also be done on multiple axes to create multi-row 360 product photography

(Drag the image below to rotate)

Panoramic Photography Services

Epic Commercial Photography is an established service provider of 360° virtual tours for businesses, real estate properties and hotels. Our virtual tours can be used on your web site, or for Google Street View and displayed on your Google Maps business page. Below are several examples of our work including panoramas created for the Woodlands Visitors and Convention Bureau. Click on the “View Panorama” button then, click on the full screen icon and use your mouse to move around the scene.

(Drag the image below to rotate)

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