January 2018

Advertising Shoot for the new Hydro Blasting System at DeBusk USA

USA DeBusk is a leader in providing safe, efficient and cost-effective hydro blasting services to remove the toughest residues in vessels, tanks, heat exchangers, columns, piping, slabs, and barges.  In early 2019, the company was set to announce a new and even safer hydroblasting machine.  The only thing that was missing was a series of photos to go with the new ads and press releases for the equipment.

We were hired by the company’s ad agency who provided us with their creative ideas for the photos.  For this shoot, we did both photography and video.  The idea was to show an overview of the machines, and close-up photos of some of the key components of the hydroblaster.  We had a beautiful day, and were lucky enough to have the Shell Deer Park refinery as our backdrop for the shoot.

Safety is always the primary concern in an industrial environment.  PPE gear for this shoot included hard hat, gloves, steel toe shoes, eye and ear protection, and a harness.  The harness was required when I was lifted high above the set in a safety basket on a forklift.

Gear for this shoot included Panasonic FZ2500, Panasonic FZ1000, Cactus wireless triggers and strobes, Nikon D7000 with fisheye lens, and a variety of light modifiers.

November 2018

Team Industries -Isolation Plug Photo Shoot

In early November Team Industries asked me to do a double photo shoot at their Pasadena and Alvin manufacturing plants. The company recently expanded their line of Isolation Plugs which are used to safely and effectively test and repair pipe, pipelines and pressure vessels.

These are huge facilities, and at this time the company is quite busy, so we had to work fast to get everything on our shot list. Over 400 images were shot, and 65 edited photos were delivered to the client. These images will be used on their web site, in brochures, and at upcoming trade shows.

The equipment I used for this shoot included two Panasonic FZ-2500’s, and multiple Cactus strobes and radio triggers.

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