Commercial photography means taking photos for business purposes such as advertisements, sales pitches, brochures, product placements and merchandising.  The purpose of my photos is to sell something and in the process, help my clients make money.

My goal is to create compelling visual images that speak to the target audience for that product. To do this I need to understand my client’s branding strategy, and strive to have the images align with the demographic they are targeting. I am always asking…, “what is the story they are trying to tell?”, then create images that tell that story.

I work well with Ad Agencies, Creative Directors, and Marketing Managers who need images for campaigns that span print, web and digital platforms.  Seeing their visions come to life is what it is all about.

Living in Houston, and having a life long interest in heavy industries (manufacturing, construction, and oil and gas) I love to make pictures of people and the tools they use in their work. I started taking photos of “Men at Work” while working as an ornamental iron worker on The World Trade Center in the early 70’s.  The photo on the right shows me on a scaffold outside the North Tower in July of 1971 (more photos of the trade center in the Portfolio-Retrospective section).

In addition to my camera gear, I have the PPE equipment, flame retardant clothing, and safety training to shoot on a construction site, manufacturing plant, in a refinery, on or offshore.  I am comfortable working in noisy, dangerous and dirty environments, or the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies.

In the past I have done weddings, senior portraits, and landscapes – but no longer do that work (even so, I love to look at great examples of each genre).

Please give me a call for your next commercial shoot – my gear and I are ready to travel anywhere required to get the shot you are looking for.

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